About Us

About Us

ELVARE™ is a trademark of a low-voltage electrical cable manufacturing company NRG Georgia LLC.

Our company serves customers through manufacturing facility located in Tbilisi, Georgia. The manufacturing factory occupies 35 000 sqm territory, including prime manufacturing space, laboratory, storage areas, and company HQ.

NRG Georgia is committed to the production of high-quality aluminum, copper cables, utilizing cutting-edge European Technology in manufacturing. The core technologies in production processes, material application and logistics procedures are based on international expertise and the essential functions are being managed by local and international engineers of long experience in the cables industry.

The company thrives to apply the latest IT technologies to all fields of operations ranging from manufacturing process automation, quality assurance, material resource planning, cable design and advanced data analytics enabling us to provide a versatile product range complying with European standards with CE directives and according to ROHS certificate.

NRG Georgia’s Quality Management System conforms to the ISO 9001:2015 for all its activities right from the selection of raw material suppliers, schedule planning, production, testing and to the delivery of cables, with a policy aiming for total customer satisfaction.


A broad portfolio of products, the latest technology, an uncompromising commitment to quality - is what ensured our position as one of the leading manufacturers in Georgia and created a solid foundation for rapid development in the international market.